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If you’re Fully Comprehensive Insured this generally means you will be covered for the cost of a windscreen replacement and in many cases we can invoice your insurance company. However some insurers insist you use their preferred supplier often with the result you end up waiting weeks or even month’s for a replacement there a two ways to negate this firstly is to pay yourself by a credit card and submit our invoice to your insurer to reimburse you. or secondly you can demand they allow us to carry out the replacement under the precedent that their preferred supplier cannot fulfill their contractual obligation to provide a service with a reasonable time period in these cases we are happy to invoice the insurer providing they send by email written authorization to do so.

But don’t panic, if you’re not insured or have a large excess we will give you the best price possible, call 0800 282 785 or Get A Quote.

Sometimes it can be worth getting a windscreen quote before making a windscreen claim on your insurance. Although a windscreen claim may not affect a ‘claims bonus’ it may however

affect your premium on renewal, which could result in you paying more for your car insurance. Always check with your insurance broker or insurance company before claiming – we just could save you money.

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