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Does Your Car Have Rain Sensors?

If you have a newer vehicle, you might be enjoying the convenience that rain sensors can bring. These enable your windscreen wipers to automatically activate once rain is detected, which means that you can drive in all weathers, confident that your windscreen will take care of itself. Identifying if your car or van has rain sensors is an important part of planning your repair or replacement, so please help our controllers by letting us know if your vehicle has this feature.

These sensors are commonly located near to the interior mirror, and can be easily identified if you know what you are looking for we do, but as a guide modern windscreens have black banding around the edge, and if this band drops down like a large tear drop around where the interior reversing mirror is located, this is very probably your rain sensor.

Why does it Matter?

If your vehicle has a rain sensor built in and you do not replace it with one this can cause serious electrical faults linked to the vehicle management system, in essence the brain is looking for the sensor and when unable to locate it a fault light will be displayed on the dash board that you will not be able to turn off.

Make sure that you let our team know as soon as possible if your car, van or commercial vehicle does feature this technology, and we can help to ensure that you are never disappointed with the results that our technicians produce.

Example of Rain Sensor