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Does Your Vehicle Have a Rain or light Sensor?

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Does your Vehicle have a Rain Sensor?

Many Newer vehicles typically within the last ten years have a rain sensor to detect when it rains to automatically turn on the wipers We need to know if your vehicle has a sensor because if a plain windscreen is used instead of the type with sensor it can cause many problems such as the interior mirror may not fit back correctly and or the vehicles dash display may permanently show a fault as the computer seeks to find the sensor that is not there.

To help us identify what your windscreen has if you do not know, the easiest way is to upload a head on from outside picture of your windscreen on our get a quote form at the bottom of the page and we can usually identify it by sight other wise to help you know what to look for we have displayed some picture here to give you an idea what they look like sensors are typically situated near the rear view mirror and can look like a dark tear drop with a clear or coloured window within the blacked out area.

For more information about rain sensors fill in our get a quote form and attach a picture or email it to or call us on 0800 282 785

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Why does it Matter?

If your vehicle has a rain sensor built in and you do not replace it with one this can cause serious electrical faults linked to the vehicle management system, in essence the brain is looking for the sensor and when unable to locate it a fault light will be displayed on the dash board that you will not be able to turn off.

Make sure that you let our team know as soon as possible if your car, van or commercial vehicle does feature this technology, and we can help to ensure that you are never disappointed with the results that our technicians produce.

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Example of A Rain Sensor

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